Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 by Bernard Ng

1) Cranks
How toy works. A cam will push the follower, and in turn will move the duck backwards. The rubber band connected to it will them push the duck back, and the cycle will continue. The cam turns as the wheels turn ad the support prevent the follower from falling.


  1. The illustration for the cam mechanism is not clear. I think it would be better if you had drawn it 3d. But the annotations help in the understanding of how it works.

    The keyboard table solution is much clearer.

  2. The sketches are not clear as it could not be understood how it works as it did not have clear description. I only understood from the description below.

  3. The drawing of the mechanism for the duck is unclear, because there is no drawing of how it looks like when put together. There are no labels of where the duck and the wheels come into place with the mechanism.

    As for the keyboard table, it is also quite unclear because there is only one label and so I am not so clear of how it works. He should have drawn out the linkage when it is open or closed, so that it can give a clearer explanation.