Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 Part 1 by Bernard Ng

  1. Correction tape

Mechanism : Gears

The gears will help in releasing the unused parts of the tape while at the same time reeling in the used part of the tape

2. Staple

Mechanism : Second Class lever/Spring

The Lever will help to reduce effort to staple paper and other objects by reducing the effort needed while the spring that is not shown helps to make to staple to return to its original state before it is pushed.

3. Door Hinge

Mechanism : Linkages

The linkages help the door to swing open and close again. It works as there is a rod connected on pivot points from the two fixed parts that are located in the door.

4. Can Opener

Mechanisms : Gears/Wheel and Axle

The handle is in the case a wheel, and when it turns the axle is connected to in turns too. The axle is a gear that is connected to a circular blade. When it is used the gear will move the can in a circle while the blade cuts it open.

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