Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to design like an Architect?

After viewing the above video, what are some of the key learning points?

Please answer in the comment section below.

Deadline: 11th July 2011


  1. 1. Architects design based on what they know (life experience) and draws on a string of information

    2. Solving a design problem -> What we know + the challenge (problem)

    3. Sketching is one of the best methods in finding a solution to a design problem

    4. There is no one formula for design

  2. An architect draws on a string of information or something based on what they know
    Problem solving= what we know + the challenge/problem
    Sketching is the best way to work out the solution
    The idea comes when you are doing something
    You can get a lot of information by interviewing an client
    There is no one formula for design

  3. -Architects use life experience and what they know to help them design things (e.g locations they have been, books that they have read).

    -Problem solving is the process of taking what we know and adding in a problem that needs to be solved and producing a solution that solves the problem.

    -Sketching is the best way to produce a solution.

    -Listening to the client can provide you with a better idea on how to design what they want.

    -There is no one formula for design.

    Lucas Chia

  4. Key Learning Points:
    1.Architectural designs solves a problem.
    2.Architects uses life experiences to help them solve and create the wanted product outcome.
    3.Sketching helps the architect to improve the product as ideas come to them during the process.
    4.Understanding the client's dream and needs is essential towards the design.
    5.There are no fixed 'answers' for design.

  5. 1.Draws out the design
    2.Sit and work through something
    3.Sketch the ideas
    4.Find out the information on the area

  6. 1) Architect design is based on a string of information, what we know from our surroundings around us and apply it to the design.

    2)Architect design is based on life experience.

    3)Sketching is one of the best way to work out the solution.

    4) Listening to the client’s needs will further help in the architecture design

    5)There are no definite formula to design

  7. 1) Before starting on designing, we need to find information on the current building (Through people, internet, books, experience and so on), to find out what is the needs and wants of the people (Like what colour/material they prefer)

    2) Sketching helps in working out solutions

    3) Work through a problem before a solution to it can be found

    4) Problem solving in Architecture is taking what we know together with the problem.

  8. Key Learning Points:

    1) What we design is usually what we know of.

    2) Sketching is One of the best way to get a solution.

    3) Any architect worth their salt should be using a lot more information.

    4) Put what is known + Challenge = Creating a dream home.

    5) There is no one formula for design.