Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classwork_28th June 2011

1) Download the keynote from the ADMT google site. Filename: Yr 2_Semester 2_Lesson 1.

2) Complete the individual task first before the group task.

3) In groups of 3-4, discuss your findings about Architectural Design.
I need the Chairman to create a spreadsheet and share with the group leader (the youngest in the group). Type in the summarised information into the spreadsheet. Please remember to share the spreadsheet with me so that I can comment on it online.

4) The rest of the information is about the task for this semester. It will be individual work. Do drop me an email should there be a need for any clarifications.

You may start your research and decide on a location to build the building. You can also do research on buildings that have been converted such as chijmes and red dot museum. Look at how the buildings are being converted into something functional and at the same time preserving the building. You may also look for existing buildings that you want to convert/build from scratch. To build from scratch, you need to identify an open space and justify why you need to build something there.

Document your research on pages.

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