Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 by Gavin Lim (09)

Image 1 : Window

Mechanism : Linkages

It has a fixed and a moving piviot (along the rail) to angle the window outwards.

Image 2 : Bicycle

Mechanism : Chain and sprocket

When the cyclist pedals, the pedals turn the front gear, which is linked by a chain to the back gear which drives the wheel

Image 3 : Clothes pole

Mechanism : Screw

One end of the clothes pole is on a screw tread, which can be extended and contracted by rotating it. This clothes pole is then able to be stuck to the wall by extending the rubber piece, which pushes against the 2 walls and gets held in place by friction.

Image 4 : Pen

Mechanism : Spring

The spring at the ink cartrage of the pen enables it retract when is no longer held in place by the top. (when the top is pressed)

Image 5 : Paper clip

Mechanism : lever

It would be nearly impossible to open this paperclip from the closed end. So the circular part acts as a lever to open the clip when it is pressed together. This is much easier then manually trying to force open the closed end.

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