Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 Part 1 by Lucas Chia (16)

Image 1: Tongs used to pick up hot plates from a steamer
Mechanism: Third Class Lever
How it is used: Use your fingers to open up the tongs and clamp it down on the side of the object you want to pick up and lift it up.  This design allows for minimal movement of the fingers when opening up the tongs.

Image 2: Garlic Crusher
Mechanism: Second Class Lever
How it is used: The garlic is placed in the receptacle and the handle is pushed down to crush the garlic.  This design allows for less effort to be used to crush the garlic.

Image 3: Clothes peg
Mechanism: First Class Lever
How it is used: When the clip is pressed down, the mouth of the clip will open up.  When the clip is released, the mouth will clamp down on the item that is placed in the mouth.  This design changes the direction of the force, allowing a downwards motion to become an upwards motion.

Image 4: Can Opener
Mechanism: First Class Lever and wheel and axle
How it is used: The lid of the can is placed between the two circular blades and the handle is pressed down to clamp the can opener to the can.  The wheel is then turned so that the blade will cut right across the lid of the can.

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