Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 by Khim Tan (05)

1a) Crank and link


  1. does not show how the linkages work ,only showing what linkages are at work.

  2. The Link between the wheel and the duck is not clear.

    The 2nd scetch is clear as there is anootations and good drawing.

  3. The solution for the duck is not so clear because how the mechanism is being used is not really illustrated in the drawing. There is only one view of the duck, so I am not really sure on how it works. There should be drawings of the different parts of the duck and different views so that people can understand the solution. Writing down labels would be another alternative to make the sketch more clear.

    As for the table, the solution is clear because there are labels and it has 2 different drawings of how it is being used.

  4. How the duck works is not illustrated properly as in how the mechanism can work as the mechanism is hidden.

    As for the table mechanism, it can be seen clear because there were different views.